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Syria Starving: A Family’s Fight for Survival

  •  A video provided by a medic shows the moment a shell landed in the school. ABC News cannot independently verify it but it fits the events described by Madaya Mom.

    February 1 2016

    Schools have been shuttered in Madaya for a month after intermittent classes, according to residents, the siege has prevented teachers from entering the town to teach, and students have been too weakened by hunger and the cold. But two days ago, an uplifting call came.

    They invited school children to attend school again, Madaya Mom said. My daughters were attending today and a shell landed in their school. They came back home hysterical, they saw their friends in pieces in front of them. When they got home they could barely speak at first, they were so petrified. Their teacher was badly injured, and one of my daughter's friends may have lost her leg."

    The teenage girls were so happy to go back to school, little did they know what awaited them, their mother said.

    They won't stop talking talking about it, they are so traumatized and scared, they keep repeating what they saw, I don't want their younger siblings to hear about this horrific event, Madaya Mom lamented. But the girls keep repeating how they had to step in their friends' blood.

    A Medic in Madaya told ABC News 10 students got injured in the shelling today , injuries ranging from fractures to shrapnel wounds. He supplied this video of the moment a shell landed in the school. ABC News is unable to independently verify this video for lack of access to Madaya, but the footage fit the events described by Madaya Mom. 
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