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Syria Starving: A Family’s Fight for Survival

    Thursday January 21, 2016

    Madaya Mom describes her five children as vivacious and very different from one another. They all seem to have enjoyed going to school and been bright students. She says they miss going to school, which was completely suspended a month ago after months of intermittent classes

    "Students stopped going because they were so hungry, and so many were passing out. Their teachers and the principal who live on the outskirts of Madaya were barred from entering town so after that happened the townspeople started volunteer-teaching as an act of resistance, but now the school is shut," she said.

    One of her daughters loves to write poetry and her favorite subjects are English, physics and Arabic. 

    Another is the family performer

    "Before the siege, her older siblings would film videos of her singing. Does she have a beautiful voice? Not exceptionally, but she has a presence!" Madaya Mom said. 

    One of her sons emulates his father and likes to act like a little man with responsibilities, but also has an interest in fashion:

    "He loves to take care of his looks. Before the siege he used to buy his favorite cologne with his pocket money! And he had been saving up his allowance to buy a watch he really liked but he didn't get a chance to buy it before the siege started. Now he refuses to spend that money because he says as soon as the siege is lifted he is going to buy that watch!" she said. 

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