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Syria Starving: A Family’s Fight for Survival

    Wednesday January 20, 2016

    Madaya Mom spent another day caring for her sick children, with meager medical supplies. 

    Her youngest is still suffering from such acute stomach pains, she reluctantly sent his older brother to stand in the day-long line at the health dispensary, the only source of medicine in town. He managed to get the medicine but returned home distressed. 

    He came back home very shaken. He told me he saw many people fainting in front him, and kept asking why some of the children were skin and bones, walking barefoot," Madaya Mom said.

    She thinks her son might be having a physical response to the hunger and anxiety, but she’s not sure. 

    [He] suddenly started having a rash all over his body, and in some places his skin is peeling. I have no cream to soothe the itching, I could only use cold water compresses and hope they relieve him. They helped a bit but not much. I don’t know what’s causing this," she said.

    All the pharmacies have closed, according to Madaya Mom. There were 10 before the siege.

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