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Egypt Tense Amid Calls for Fresh Protests

  • Gen. Sissi says Egyptians support the military, as Brotherhood cancels march

    ABC's Molly Hunter (@MollyMHunter) and ABC's freelance producer Adam Makary (@adamakary) report:

    Shortly after prayers ended, the Muslim Brotherhood announced they had been forced to cancel the main march in Cairo today. Citing "security concerns," the Anti-Coup Alliance just sent an email to supporters halting the march to Roxy Square but said all other nationwide marches will continue as planned.

    However, the crowds haven't arrived yet. McClatchy's Middle East Bureau Chief, Nancy Youssef, tweets from the scene:

    This comes as Egypt state TV wraps up a pre-recorded speech by army chief General Abdel Fattah El Sissi. In his first appearance since last Wednesday's massacre, he defended the military's actions saying the armed forces had been nothing but "transparent and fair."

    Speaking at a Central Command meeting this morning, he told senior officials, "we will not stand by silently watching the destruction of the country and the people or the torching the nation and terrorizing the citizens."

    The army strongman praised the armed forces, saying  it was an "honor" protect  the will of the people and his "duty" to protect Egypt's homeland and security.

    He reminded the group that the Egyptian people had given him mandate to deal with the "terrorism," though the international media has chosen to ignore that fact.

    Sissi said Islam should never be used as a tool of intimidation and terror and warned of impending sectarian conflict:

    On the political process, Sissi said the military had repeatedly invited members of Morsi's former government to the negotiating table. He urged the Brotherhood and its supporters to pursue dialogue instead of violence. 

    Finally, Sissi expressed his sincere  thanks to his neighborhood friends: 

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