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Conquering Childhood Cancer

This live blog accompanies a tweet chat on childhood cancer attended by organizations, experts, doctors, clinicians and parents interested in learning more about how to conquer this disease.

  • Cancer is never an easy diagnosis but it is an especially hard blow when given to a child. Cancer is the leading cause of childhood death in the United States, with 13,500 new diagnoses each year according to the American Cancer Institute. One out of every 300 boys and one out of every 333 girls will develop cancer before their 20th birthday, according to the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

    As part of ABC Health's focus on children this month, we're holding a tweet chat today at 1 p.m., ET, on conquering childhood cancer. The chat is moderated by Dr. Richard Besser, our chief health and medical correspondent and we'll have researchers, clinicians and loved ones of cancer patients from all over the country tweeting their thoughts about this topic.

    You can join in on the chat or simply follow along to learn all the facts about childhood cancer.

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