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Colonoscopy Live Blog

Michael Dubin, president and CEO of Dollar Shave Club is live tweeting his colonoscopy!

  • Colonoscopy. Now there’s a word you don’t usually associate with Twitter. That hasn’t stopped Michael Dubin, the chairman and CEO of Dollar Shave Club, from live tweeting his colonoscopy today.

    Dubin, whose amusing viral videos have been watched by more than 15 million people on Youtube, says he’s sharing his medical procedure with the twitterverse to raise awareness for colon cancer prevention. He’s only 35-years-old but his family has a history of the disease.

    Dubin says this may be the world’s first social media colonoscopy. No disrespect to Katie Couric’s televised colonoscopy in 2000, of course.
    Rectal surgeon, Dr. Mari Madsen is performing the procedure. It’s cosponsored by the Colon Cancer Alliance. Colon cancer experts will be standing by to answer your questions in 140 characters or less.

    You can follow along on Twitter right now using the hashtag #DScolon. Or, look for the best tweets in real time right here.
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